Each child is special and unique.  Each child deserves to feel good about himself/herself.  Our well-rounded curriculum creates opportunities for every child to accomplish this.

Our teaching goals include the following:

Contribute positively toward a child's self-image. 

Guide a child positively in his/her social development.

Provide meaningful experiences in creative thinking.

Perfect life skills necessary for cognitive learning.

Provide an atmosphere of “calm involvement” where children can feel safe and secure for learning.

Offer adult guidance that is friendly, warm and loving as well as firm and consistent.

Follow clearly stated curriculum goals that are evaluated on a monthly basis.

Deal with problems professionally, holding parent-teacher conferences as needed.

Treat everything, including discipline issues, as a learning experience for the children.

Help each child learn about his or her relationships with others and the world around them.

Encourage each child to assume responsibility for his or her actions and personal possessions.

Assess our ability to meet the needs of children with special needs and refer those whom we cannot serve well.