Our 2020-2021 school year starts on August 31, 2020.
We will be following all of the guidelines set forth by San Mateo County Health Department, the CDC, and State Licensing. 

​              New Policies and Procedures

As we open on August 31st, the school will look very different. With the CDC guidelines related to Covid-19, we need to update our standard operating policies and procedures. Please read the updates below and initial each one. There will be no exceptions made for any of these policies. You will need to return this form before your child can attend school. Please note that these policies and procedures can change and update at any time due to new CDC guidelines.

_____ Modified Operating Hours: 7:30am-5:30pm. The early closure is so we can do our extra cleaning of the classroom after children are gone.  

_____ Temperature Checks: Upon arriving at the center, we will greet you in a designated area, and parents will not be allowed past this area. We will take your child’s temperature with a no-touch thermometer. If your child’s temperature is above 100.4/38c or higher, they will have to go home. Children must be fever-free and any other symptoms for three full days without the use of medication (CDC Guidelines). There will be a head-to-toe health check for cough, running nose, shortness of breath, and other symptoms that are in our current handbook. We will also ask if there has been any exposure to COVID-19 and any travel. If anyone has done any international or domestic airplane, travel your child will be quarantined for fourteen days. Once your child is cleared to be at school, we will sign them in using your Procare code. Staff members will also be doing mid-day temperature checks. A staff member for your child’s class will take your child to their classroom.

Late Arrivals: All children must be in their classroom by 9:15 AM.

Health Policy: Children and adults presenting any signs of illness must remain home. If a child were to become ill at school, they would be isolated from the group, and a phone call will be placed to parents immediately. Sick children must be pick-up within thirty minutes from the phone call, and may not return to school for three full days without the aid of medication. 

 When a child is presenting a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, parents should seek medical advice and notify Saint Andrew’s Preschool immediately. The child can return after three full days of symptom-free and at least one week from the onset of such symptoms. In some cases, we may require a doctor’s note.

 If a parent, child, or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19, all families in the cohort will be notified. We will then work in collaboration with the San Mateo County Health Department regarding the next steps and current CDC recommendations.

 Pick-up Procedures: You can pick your child up the same way they will be dropped off. We will sign your child out using your Procare code, and your child will be brought to you by their teacher. Please refrain from picking your child up during nap time as the front office person may be in ratio. Any changes to pick-up, please arrange with the director. 

Mask: All staff to wear a mask or face covering and smock while at the center. We recommend all children two years and up also bring a mask to school. Parents will be  providing three face-mask in a paper bag. Dirty face mask will be sent home a zip-loc bag and place in their tote for washing.  We will talk to the children about the importance of wearing masks and will encourage them to wear them to the best of our ability. Children do not wear masks during meal and rest time.

Social Distancing: We will be implementing social distancing in the classrooms to the best of our ability. The teachers will rearrange the classroom to help promote social distancing

Classroom Rooms: We will have four classrooms open. Classroom rotation will not take place. Children will not co-mingle during early care or extended care, or during out side time.

 Meals & Snacks:
 All families will need to supply their child with lunch and a morning and afternoon snack items for the day. Please bring in a paper bag and put it in their tote bag that we have provided.

 All families need to bring a water bottle(reusable) for their child and bring it home each night for cleaning. PLEASE LABEL YOUR CHILD’S BOTTLE WITH FIRST AND 

All children and staff will wash their hands before and after meals.
 All tables and chairs will be sanitized both before and after meals. 

 Personal Items: 
 All personal items should be kept in their tote provided by the center as part of our PPE.

 All personal items should be labeled.
 No personal toys will be allowed during this time. Children may bring a small stuffed animal for nap time, but it must fit in their tote or nap bin.

 Saint Andrew’s will provide cots, sheets, and blankets for nap time. Saint Andrew’s will wash laundry daily.