Saint Andrew's Preschool-San Bruno
Where Children "Love to Learn"

Call us: 650-273-4415
Saint Andrew's is a Episcopal preschool with excellent teachers who provide a stimulating and creative environment where children "love to learn". 

Saint Andrew's Preschool has been serving the community since 1964. We provide a safe, child oriented program for the learning and growth of children. Our long time staff of caring teachers offers a rich variety of experiences to promote the development of each child's unique potential. 

Our main objective is to provide a positive atmosphere which will promote the social, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of children. Learning experiences, appropriate of the developmental age of each group, are provided daily. We believe every child is special and unique and has a lot to bring to our center. 

Attractive, well-equipped spaces indoors, and spacious playground with a wide range of choices for individual and group activities. Cooking projects and science experiments are especially popular.

All teachers are trained and certified in health and safety, and emergency practices.

SEA Episcopal church partners with us in offering your child his or her preschool education with a chapel program in the Christian traditions.

56 Years 
of serving the community